We have been preparing for months for our first sail aboard Aphrodite and in fact we actually had to push back her splash date because we weren’t able to get everything finished in time (but more on the work we did another time).

The weather hasn’t been ideal to take her out over the past 3 weeks since we splashed.  We have been staying aboard more than we have been at home and it’s been a lot of fun but an adjustment for the boys, not Riley so much as Dylan tho.  I assume that can be expected with a 14 month old tho.  Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend the winds were calm and were were eager, ready and willing to sail out.  Audrey was with us which made it nice to have an extra crew member.   We left our slip with ease and were on our way down the Portage River to Lake Erie.  Riley likes to help with everything so he actually beat me to the helm once we got out of the channel and kept us in the wind while Eric got the sails up with ease.  We sailed for a few hours making tack changes and everything worked perfectly and everyone was happy but hungry so we decided to head back and go check out the annual Walleye Festival in Port Clinton.   Fried food and fun was had by all both Friday and Saturday.   Sunday and Monday Eric had volunteered to work (hard to turn down OT when we are re-fitting the boat) so we decided to head home Saturday so everyone could relax and sleep in their beds.

Monday the boys played in the inflatable that is home for some patch work while we waited for Eric to get off work.  As we were heading to the boat we passed everyone heading home from their fun filled long weekend and it was then that I realized how blessed we are to live 20 minutes from our boat.  Weeknight sails are our favorite when the lake is only used by a few and the marina is peaceful.   We had a fabulous sail with the kids and only shared the lake with a few straggling boaters heading in to dock.   We were the only sailors out as the winds were picking up to about 16 knots and Aphrodite handled perfectly, we cruised comfortably at a good speed without the main sail up.