Today was in the 70s in Northwest Ohio and there is no ice to be found on Lake Erie.  We are breaking record highs on a regular basis with no complaints from the Conley Crew!  Earlier this week we ate fresh perch at Jolly Rogers which is very unusual this time of year.  We have been busy working on our 1965 Larson Lapline power boat which has been a complete structural rebuild with new stringers, new flooring and hull repair.  My little $400 boat no longer exists.  We had a lot of fun with her the first season but Arvile found a soft spot which lead to poking around some more and then lead to a complete tear out.

We sold our 34′ Irwin (Merlot) today, this unseasonably warm weather has also brought the boat buyers out early this year.  My heart is happy with who bought her but also sad because she is no longer ours.  I can’t even imagine how Arvile feels, he is the one who has the majority of blood, sweat and tears on and in her.  She went to a very nice widower and will be staying in Port Clinton.  Because of the warm weather and the unlikely chance of the water freezing he plans to launch her in the next few weeks.   He has an extensive boating background and been at the marina for 30+ years, previously had horses, a hard worker and likes to drink beer….he is of our kind!  He recently underwent a hip replacement and I hope that I have his ambition and motivation when I am his age.

We packed a picnic and spent the afternoon on Aphrodite working on our “to do list” and are working to prioritize what needs done.   Today was the first day the boys had an opportunity to check out their bunks in the bow cabin.   The sails, bedding and cushions made it a fun safe hangout for them.  We are blessed to have a great relationship with the prior owners who are a wealth of knowledge and know how.   This is making the transition to Aphrodite less stressful as we are able to ask questions and they have even offered to come help with her launch in April.  16865229_10207352944016246_5023881532034061335_n

Riley’s favorite place, African Safari opened today so we made a drive thru on the way home.  As expected many laughs were had, I look forward to Dylan getting bigger and being able to enjoy it more.