We typically vacation in the south the week of Thanksgiving but since we were very close to finalizing the purchase of Aphrodite and the weather in Ohio isn’t typically too bad so we opted to stay home.  I picked the keys up on Wednesday then the boys and I were off to the grocery store to get supplies for our first meal aboard.   I have always been a risk taker so instead of trying one new recipe I made all new recipes with a Key West theme…. turkey wraps with avocado sauce, cilantro-lime potato salad and of course KEY LIME PIE!  I decided a picnic style meal would be best given that it was only going to be in the 40s and we would be drawing quite a few amps with heaters so I figured using the microwave may over do it and flip breakers at the marina.   We were surprised Wednesday afternoon by two awesome grandparents, Jack & Cheryl who brought us a rose center piece for the table, my favorite wine and Eric’s favorite beer.   The boys got a Fisher-Price school bus so all were happy – especially me!!

Thanksgiving afternoon we headed up to the marina and climbed aboard our dream boat, our future home and the vessel that is going to take us on unknown adventures.   We quickly hooked her up to power, found the electric heaters and turned on a few lights.  This was our first time aboard without Larry and Sue, the excitement was overwhelming!!  Eric and I hugged each other and I had tears in my eyes..this was really happening – things are aligning and falling into place the way God intends it to happen.   Ideally we weren’t planning to purchase a boat such as Aphrodite for another two years.   God said “Nah, now is the time and this is the boat.”

Eric and Riley began exploring, focusing on the engine room while Dylan and I set up the table for lunch.   I love the size and layout of the salon and galley, it has so much more room than our previous boat “Merlot” (much more on her later as she has taught us so much).   We ate lunch and everything was amazing!  The salon warmed up nicely so we explored, played and chatted a few more hours then decided we should head home before it got dark.  1st of many dinners aboard was a SUCCESS!!

Friday and Saturday we had Audrey, Mike, Hannah and my parents aboard to take a look and they are all now anxiously awaiting summer just as much as we are!

A very special thank you to Larry & Sue who graciously allowed us to welcome Aphrodite to our family.  We are forever bonded with these two amazing people and I thank God every day for bringing us together.   They simply are amazing people and it is uncanny how similar and like minded Larry and Eric are.