As a few of you know, Eric and I have a fun and crazy adventure planned in 2020.  We will be selling our home and most of our landly possessions to embark on the trip of a lifetime.  We will be sailing from Port Clinton, Ohio down the East Coast to the Florida Keys and Virgin Islands with many stops along the way.   We want to relocate in the South somewhere after Audrey (now a freshman in high school) graduates.   What a better way to head south than to sail there?!?!?   I am starting this blog for family and friends to join us in the trip and to share the trial and tribulations of getting ready for such an adventure.   But mostly I am doing this for myself, my husband and our two boys.  The boys are little and won’t remember the 3.5-4 years we took preparing ourselves and our boat, becoming debt free and putting a financial plan in place to fund our trip.  We are your average working class family with a BIG dream.   This is also for all the people out there that we don’t personally know who dream of such a life and don’t think it is possible-with a plan, anything is possible!!     Please join us as we put our plan into place….14502777_10206370768662476_7012581018832725193_n